Temperature Control

Refrigerated Transportation that provides customers with a range of temperature options to keep products at their required level during transit.

Dry Products

We also haul Dry Commodities that can be transported on Refrigerated Trailers.

Logistics / Brokerage

Value added service that combines flexibility and increased capacity for customers through a network of Refrigerated and Dry Van Carriers. Sunco Logistics Brokerage can extend your coverage beyond Sunco Assets, and also adds capacity when your volumes spike due to seasonal trends, special projects and new product releases.


Solo drivers who haul loads in shorter distances, typicaly 500 miles or less.


Connecting our Regional Markets to provide additional coverage for our customers.

Dedicated Fleets

Specific drivers with a dedicated number of trailers for a defined and regular set of lanes for work each day.


Similar to Dedicated Fleet but with multiple pick up and drop-off points during the day.

Cargo Care

Sunco is investing heavily in New Equipment Technology, and our plan is to have a fleet that averages less than two years old. The following technology is now being inserted into our fleet:


Remotely sets temperature ranges and Air Flow needs on each trailer. Also measures Unit Fuel levels and Battery Power, assuring that there is no risk of unit shut off.

Cargo Link

This alert advises any time that a trailer door is opened, it’s location, and length of time opened.


This technology allows Sunco to pre-load temperature ranges by Customer and/or by Product, assuring that your required temperature is maintained at all times. This eliminates driver error on temperature settings, and helps avoid claims and disputes via Remote Downloads of those settings.


The ability to turn a Unit off and on based on geographic location. Great tool for Pre-Cooling trailers prior to loading.

Safety Commitment

Safety begins before a driver is allowed behind the wheel. Sunco requires safety criterion over and above the minimum standards required by Federal Regulation. All new drivers must attend an orientation program that addresses defensive driving techniques, hours of service specifications and personal safety skills. On-going auditing of both drivers and management personnel is performed to ensure that Sunco Safety remains a top priority.

Customer Service

Sunco’s commitment to quality customer service means we respond swiftly and efficiently to your ever-changing needs assuring you can ship with confidence.

On-Time Performance

Sunco knows on time delivery is critical to the success of our customers’ business. Service is measured for all shipments handled and this data is reported in several ways that allow for examination of individual accounts, dispatch territories and drivers. Current period as well as year-to-date service tracking is performed.


Sunco utilizes the latest technology to Plan, Schedule, Track, Monitor and Deliver your shipments in the safest and timeliest manner. Our tools include McLeod Software, SkyBitz, Omnitrac, Electronic Logs and Remote Temperature Control, to assure that your product arrives exactly when, where and how you want it.


  • On-Line Tracking
  • On-Line Proof of Delivery
  • SmartWay Partner
  • Data Logging Capability
  • Strong CSA History
  • Union-Free Workforce
  • PSI Tire-Inflation System