Employment/Contract Verification: Frequently Asked Questions
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Here is a list of frequently asked questions.
If you do not find your question/answer here, please submit your question to Tech Support

Which web browser should I use?
Sunco will support technical issues for Microsoft Internet Explorer or Google Chrome only.
Should I ensure that I can receive emails from sunco.com?
Yes, when you complete the registration form, you will be sent an automated confirmation email via our SMTP server on behalf of eric.templin@sunco.com.

If your company's email server blocks email from sunco.com (or does not allow relayed email from sunco.com), then you will not receive your confirmation email thus delaying your ability to login.
If you did not receive your confirmation email after registering, this may be the problem. Check with your company's tech support group to verify.
Email our verification support group with your user name and we will manually confirm your registration.

Use the PRIMARY verification support email address on the Contact Us page please.
How do I get a login account?
Click on the "login" link, then click on the "Register for login" link. Or, you can click here.

When you are registering, you will be asked to enter a user name.
That would be your first name and your last name separated by a space.
Your user name will be used each time you login or if you forgot your password.
Why is my password not accepted during registration?
Your password needs to be at least 6 characters long.
Also, you are required to enter it twice to help ensure that there were no typos.
Both entries must match.

Note: Prior to 8/4/2008 we required strong passwords.
What am I supposed to do if I forget my password?
Click "logon", then click "Forgot Password", or click here.

Note: The above link will take you to a screen that will reset your password with a randomly generated string of characters, provided that you are able to answer the security question correctly.
If you forgot the answer, please refer to the original confirmation email that was sent to you after registration.

After you receive the email containing your new password, login to the site with the new password.
At that time, if you wish to change your password to something more easily remembered, you can do so by clicking the
change password link that appears on the Home page, provided that you have logged in successfully.
Who do I contact if I'm having problems?
see the Contact Us page please.

Contact the webmaster if you are getting an error message, otherwise contact the PRIMARY verification support email address.
My user name and password are not working anymore, should I re-register?
No, if you have previously logged in, then you should not need to re-register.
Most likely, your account has been locked out due to excessive failed login attempts using incorrect password.

On the login page, there is a link to Forgot Password.
What if I forget the answer to the security question?
As of 6/12/2006, the answer to the security question will be included in the confirmation email.
It is the user's responsibility to keep track of this information.
The security system used is VERY SECURE and does not allow us to either see or even reset a user's password.

As a last resort, we ARE able to delete a login account, at which time user could re-register.

As of 5/19/2008 we have the ability to reset your password without knowing the answer to your security question.
We will do this only upon receipt of email request from the user and only if they have tried to use the ResetPassword option first.
What do I do if can NOT login?
The most common message received by users when they are unable to login in:

Your login attempt was not successful. Please try again.

Occurs because either the username or password is incorrect. After the 5th incorrect login attempt, the user account is locked.

It is important to note that you SHOULD NOT attempt to login prior to confirming your registration.

If you did not receive your registration confirmation email, please call the primary or backup Employment/Contract verification support person listed on the Contacts page.

We will first attempt to verify that your registration has been confirmed and whether or not you entered your email address correctly.
I just reset my password and it gave me one I'll never be able to remember. What can I do?
After you login with the super-strong randomly generated password that you received via email on the password reset, simply click the change password link that appears on the home page of this website.
When I login, my screen stays on the login screen and I get no error message
This is a Microsoft bug that results when the remember me checkbox is checked during an invalid password attempt.
Please try again and be certain that the Remember Me check box is NOT checked.

If you continue to have problems, please contact us.
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