Employment/Contract Verification
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Welcome to Sunco Trucking Contractor Verification
(includes Watkins Refrigerated).

Use the Search SSN tool to determine if Employment/Contract history is availble.

After confirming availability, you may drill-down to the following levels of detail:
  1. Basic information (Employment/Contract dates, positions held).
  2. Accident History (if applicable)
  3. Transportation Workplace Drug & Alcohol Testing incident history.
    Note: Users MUST supply DOT number at time of registration in order to have access to this level of detail.
    In addition, user will be required to print and fax a signed release form for each request prior to viewing.
Prior to searching, you must Login.

Prior to logging in, you must register.

If you are having trouble registering or logging in, please read our FAQ prior to contacting us.
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